What Aperture Should You Use When Taking Photos?

This image from the beach in Mombasa is taken with a small aperture to get the most sharpness in all the colors and details. Here the background does not disrupt and there was no need for a “blurry” (blurry) background.

What is aperture and how does it affect your photos?

The aperture is a physical opening inside the lens. The aperture can be adjusted and the size of the aperture determines how much or how little light is to be let through the lens when the image is taken.

Therefore, it is said that a lens with a large aperture is bright because it has the ability to let in a lot of light. But in addition to deciding how much light to let in, the aperture has another very important task; the aperture affects the depth of field in the image.

Which aperture should you use? It depends on what you take pictures of and how you want the result to be. There are no facts, but here are some tips you can use as a starting point.

Pictures that are well suited with large aperture:

Portrait pictures, people pictures, close-ups, details.

Use a large aperture if you want the front and background to be as disturbing as possible. Large aperture = small depth of field. It allows you to focus as much as possible on what is actually the subject – and the rest becomes unclear. Large apertures have small numbers, for example: 1.4, and 2.8. These four pictures are taken with apertures between 1.4 and 2.8.

Pictures that are well suited with a small aperture:

Landscape pictures, interior pictures, product pictures, street pictures.

Small aperture = great depth of field. This means that what is in focus and what is in the foreground and background will be sharp. Small apertures have large numbers, for example: 11, 16 and 22. Small apertures are often used for images where you want to have sharpness throughout the image, from foreground to background. These four pictures are taken with apertures between 8 and 16.

How do you set the aperture?

How to set aperture varies from camera to camera. But usually the cameras have a mode called A, Off or Aperture priority. Here you set the aperture and the camera determines the shutter speed.

The more control you have on manual settings, the more chances you get the results you want – and not the results the camera chooses for you. Then it will be much more fun to photograph 🙂