How To Take Photos of Food and Give it a “Tasty Look”

Food photographers have a whole arsenal of tricks with which they give the food you shoot a delicious look. And most often in these tricks completely inedible products are used.

Here is a list of all the tricks:

  • Cardboard – to make food taller and bulkier
  • Motor oil – instead of syrup, does not absorb into pancakes
  • Toothpicks – to hold ingredients in place
  • Makeup Remover Sponge – to give burgers height
  • Vegetable oil – to make the meat more juicy in appearance
  • Glue – a substitute for milk in which flakes do not soak
  • Dishwashing Detergent – for creating sustainable foam on foam drinks
  • Food Coloring Corn Syrup – to create ice cream that does not melt
  • Superglue – for gluing cuts on the skin of a bird
  • Brown sauce with a drop of dye and dishwashing detergent – to give the raw bird a golden baked crust
  • Shaving cream – instead of whipped cream, does not melt and does not blur
  • Bowls – so that greens and other decorations on the surface of the soup do not sink in a plate
  • Tampons (pre-soaked and preheated in the microwave) – to create steam