How To Protect Your Camera From Rain And Snow (in a cheap way)

I thought I’d share a quick tip with you – which I also previously shared on my Facebook page , namely how you can easily and cheaply protect your camera from rain, sleet and snow 🙂

You only need two things:

A transparent plastic bag that holds the camera with your lens and a sun blender, or a sturdy knit.

Remove the sun blender. Put the camera in the bag. Put the sun blender on the outside of the bag. If you do not have a blender, attach a knot tightly around the lens top to the plastic. Make a hole for the lens as shown in the pictures. Make sure the hole is large enough that the plastic bag does not get in the way when shooting. It will quickly cause annoying blurry corners in the pictures. But also be aware that the hole does not become too large so that the plastic cracks outwardly attached to the sun blender / knit.

That’s all – then you’re ready to take your camera out into the rain. The transparent and flexible plastic allows you to operate all functions through the pouch, you can use the viewfinder to look through when shooting and you can use the screen behind the camera in the usual way. It is worth noting that the plastic makes it harder to form an impression of whether the image is in focus, etc. Therefore, I recommend taking many pictures. It is also possible to lift the plaster so that it does not cover the viewfinder and screen when you need it.

I often use this method myself, despite the fact that both the camera and lenses I use are weatherproof and intended to be used in rough weather. It is better to be on the safe side and this is a cheap way to prevent moisture from penetrating the camera.

Small tips:

You may want to keep the camera facing down so that you avoid getting much rain on the lens itself. It is not dangerous in itself, but annoying to have to come out with the cloth and wipe it constantly. The sun blender is – paradoxically – a great help in rainy weather to prevent drops on the lens.

Have several bags lying in the photo bag. You never know when you’ll need a new one.

Be aware that condensation may occur when you bring your camera from the December cold into a warm living room.