How To Create Your Own Wall Picture

Here I tell you how you can create your own decorative picture wall in a simple, fast and affordable way. It’s a smart and creative way to showcase many of your favorite images. There are various services out there where you can order a final result based on your uploaded photos, but I find it much more fun to do things yourself. It also makes it much easier to renew and replace photos at a later date. But let’s get started…

To create a great picture wall you need:

  • A photo printer, preferably with matte photo paper.
  • Large KapaFix discs (available at eg Allkopi).
  • A good wallpaper knife and ruler.
  • Tack-it (“Tack-it”) to hang the pictures.
  • Select photos, edit and print.

A large part of the job is simply selecting the images you want to use. It’s a good idea to have a pervasive theme for the motifs you choose. I have chosen “family and friends”. Gather your photos in one place so it’s easy to find again. I use Adobe Lightroom myself, and have created my own “collection” for this project. It is important that all images have a consistently similar style. Browse the images and check that the contrast, light and color tones are about the same and adjust if needed. I chose to crop all the pictures into square pictures for the picture wall. It gives a neat look and makes it easy to place. Once you get this far, just print the images of any size. I have gone for the 14×14 cm print on matte photo paper. Place as many images as possible on one sheet to save money and the environment. I got six photos on one A3 sheet.

Mount the pictures on the plate

So far so good! Time to mount the pictures to the plate. I use KapaFix discs, lightweight foam discs that are great for attaching photos to. The plates I have chosen are self-adhesive on one side and it is easy to attach the pictures directly to the plate. Here is a simple demonstration video  on how to do it. After the images are attached, use a sharp wallpaper knife to cut the edges.

Hang the pictures with “Tack-it”.

The pictures weigh almost nothing, so the easiest way is to simply use the adhesive / Tack-it to hang the pictures on the wall. Easily. Find a suitable space between each picture and hang them in a row, or in a more random pattern if you wish. It is a good idea to post the pictures on the floor to find out how much space you need on the wall and to find a good position for the different pictures.