7 Reasons Why I Switched From WordPress To Squarespace

I have been using WordPress for 10 years. Although WordPress is a fantastic platform with endless possibilities, it has not just been a dance on roses. Now it was time to switch and here I share my reviews with you who might also consider leaving WordPress for Squarespace .

1. Squarespace is safer

With WordPress on your own domain you have the entire responsibility. You need to make sure that WordPress and all plugins are up to date at all times. You have to make sure that you have everything backed up. And if something goes wrong, it is you who is responsible for fixing it.

Despite having taken all my precautions, a few years ago I experienced that my WordPress site was hacked. I spent a whole working day cleaning up afterwards. I have heard from several of my colleagues that they have experienced hacker attacks on their WordPress pages and several have had to remove everything and start all over again.

WordPress is comparable to owning a house.

You can do just as you please with your house because it is yours. You have the opportunity to build and refurbish as you wish. But as soon as the roof starts to leak, the basement is flooded or, in the worst case, the whole house is taken by a soil, then you are all alone in having to fix and repair.

Squarespace on the other hand is more like a nice apartment you rent.

Even if you do not have the same amount of space, the apartment is top killers furnished with everything you may need. You can move right in and do not have to go shopping to buy either home appliances or furniture. It has modern locks and is attached to the nearest alarm center. And should something break, you have a caretaker available around the clock. He comes and fixes what it must be once you call.

You probably understand the drawing.

Some, of course, prefer to own their website with the opportunities and challenges it entails. In fact, I like the idea that I only hire Squarespace. Should I change my mind sometime in the future, it is problematic to terminate the lease and export the content back to eg. WordPress or another platform.

2. Ease of use

Squarespace is very user friendly.

You start from the point of view of finished designs created by professional web designers, and customize this to your wishes. And if you are going to make a photo gallery, this is built-in. You don’t have to look around the web for your own plugin.

If you are going to create an online store, this is also built-in. The same with contact forms etc. I know that several WordPress themes also have such things built in, I even used a theme that had “everything” integrated. Despite this, I had around 10-20 plugins installed as well.

3. Speed

My website today is at least as fast as when I used WordPress and a dedicated server here in Norway. Today I spend less time on maintenance and publishing new content on my page takes less time. It is also linked to better usability. All in all, things go faster.

4. Support

Ideally, you may not need support.

But the few times I’ve contacted Squarespace they have been quick and very helpful. When I used WordPress, I also experienced good support for the themes I bought.

The problem with WordPress is that the margin of error is greater because errors can occur both with hosting (the web space), the WordPress platform, the theme (theme) you use or some of the various plugins you have installed. Mistakes can thus occur in countless different places, and in endless combinations.

And you have to hold the threads yourself if something pops up. Troubleshooting therefore takes much longer.

At Squarespace you have everything in one place, and they are responsible for cleaning up if something happens.

5. Better search engine optimization

At WordPress you have endless possibilities when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). You can find various plugins for text, images, tags, etc. In principle, you can customize everything to increase your chances of ranking higher.

Squarespace does not have the same opportunities.

So … You might think that my ranking at Google would drop when I switched from WordPress to Squarespace?

The fact is that the opposite happened. I’ve never had better ratings than today. Of course, this can be due to several things, including the fact that I made an effort to keep the rankings down when I switched platforms.

But Google is getting smarter and smarter every day. Never before has good content been more important to rank high in search engines.

And to create great content you don’t need plugins that customize images, titles, tags etc. Basically you just need a title, good text and some nice pictures. Google will decide whether the content is good or not, whether it is worth ranking high in the search engine or not.

Because Squarespace has less customization options, you become more aware that the content you post is of value to the reader, that the website loads quickly and that it is clear and easy to navigate.

6. Nice design

Squarespace gives you access to many ready-made design templates that you can use as a starting point to further customize to your own wishes and needs. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Squarespace; It is easy to create a pretty page.

Unlike WordPress, all of these themes are available right from the start, including the price. With WordPress there are no professional design templates included and it is therefore a bit bigger jungle and quickly made to get lost.

And with WordPress, it is quickly done to make good purchases of plugins and themes you will not be using.

7. More fun

More fun? Yes, Squarespace is actually more fun to use.

It is fun to post pictures in the galleries because it looks pretty straight out of the box. And to place items on the page, e.g. a picture or video, just drag it into place where I want – and it “snaps” into place where I was thinking.

The text moves around and it looks nice. It’s easy to work in multiple columns and Squarespace simply invites you to produce more and better content on the website. I no longer have any good excuse for not updating the blog.

Things just work, and that’s just the way it should be.