7 Photo Tips to improve Your Photography Skills

1. Learn the manual settings

Never have your camera on auto. If so, you will never learn how to use the various manual functions. The pictures get a lot better with manual setting on the camera, so learn how to use shutter, aperture, ISO and white balance right away. Use Youtube! Here are videos that explain everything to you. Take lots of pictures, trial and error, and before you know it you can easily master the manual settings just like that. The images below show the same subject, but the image on the left is taken with the auto function, while the image on the right is taken with the manual setting.

2. Be out early and be patient!

Put on the alarm clock and get up before the sun and everyone else. There are two reasons why you should take pictures early in the morning. The morning light is very well suited for photography, and in addition you can have your pictures taken in peace and quiet. The picture below is taken in the Ben Youssef Madrasa Temple in Morocco. The woman in the picture is my boyfriend, and we were out early hoping to get the place to ourselves. When we got there it was already full of people, so we had to wait until no one was in front of the camera until I took the picture. It took three hours! Patience was thus important here. It is also quite funny to think about how many people are actually in the scene in that picture being taken, but then just off the subject.

3. Take a few steps back

A recognizable style in my pictures is a motif where I have taken a picture of a human being in a massive landscape. It makes the world look big and powerful compared to man.

Two nature pictures in one, the first illustrating a red boathouse with sunset over the water, and the second a tall and hazy mountain along winter-covered landscape

4. Get down on the ground or higher

In the pursuit of the best pictures, be prepared to get dirty on your knees or climb the height. You can also attach the camera to a tripod, put on self-timer (or timelapse) and lift it up. Everything gets so much more interesting if you get down on your knees or get the camera up in height when taking pictures. It’s like taking pictures from a child or bird’s perspective. The world is getting bigger and more exciting.

Photo in perspective of woman walking in the sand towards Moroccan village in beige tones.

5. Catch people in situations

If you want people to be the finest possible in a photo, and most like themselves, a tip is to avoid posed photos. Take pictures without them knowing, or get the person (s) you are going to take pictures to do something. Taking pictures in situations can create an organic and natural vibe.

6. Look for symmetry in the surroundings

A seemingly messy motif can be tidy if it has symmetry in it. If you manage to achieve symmetry in an image, it will give a pleasant visual expression even though there is and is happening a lot in the image. Notice how the lines create symmetry and harmony.

7. Light is alpha and omega

I don’t like to use lamps, not even inside, because I think natural light is the best. If you are going to take pictures inside it is therefore a tip to place the one you are going to take pictures of near a window so that you get the natural light from the window. It definitely gives the finest look.